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Nam visibilia – temporalia, sed invisibilia – aeterna.

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We provide wide range artist management services since 2005, covering all areas of development and maintenance of business operations, including production of all kinds, legal assistance and accounting, content management, rights management, social media support, marketing strategies and campaigns, show booking and handling of concert tours, etc., etc. We represent artists and defend their interests whenever needed, working as full-on partners side by side. In current situation that has developed in Russia, we spent time making sure that all our regular services are supplemented with important additions such as opportunities for business administration outside of Russia (operating from foreign companies), cooperation with international labels and agencies with official documents and payments to ensure security and legitimacy of all business encounters.

A very important detail of our work is digital content and paperwork administration, which is possible thanks to unique software, developed especially for our purposes. All signed contracts, transactions, financial reports and counterparts information is always at the tip of our fingers.


We specialise on content digital marketing and advertising, providing our clients with strategies for campaign across all available social networks. We know the specifics of music and media industry and focus on maximising the effect of the campaigns. We are always on a look out for new trends and quickly adapt to ever-changing reality of content promotion.

We also specialise in creating and support of eco-systems for artists where all the content is being represented in one place together with platforms for tickets and merchandise sales. This provides the opportunity to collect all data associated with interactions with content and any items on sale and form a data base of loyal fans with future p2p communication.


We book shows and organise tours of any complexity across Russia and neighbouring territories, working both as promoters and/or agents, depending on the task. Tickets to our shows are being sold independently at artists’ websites, which helps us expand fan data base and maintain connection to the fans when we need to communicate important information to them.

We assist to artists at all stages of preparing the show, starting from dates and venue booking, to negotiation of best possible conditions, to executing proper technical and logistics requirements, accommodations, local promotion, etc. We pay special attention to financial management of all tours and are proud of our administration system, which has all paperwork digitalised and catalogued.

We make sure all our deals are executed officially, all taxes are paid and all fees are paid in accordance with signed contracts.


Full circle production of tracks and albums, including recording and mixing/mastering.

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We design, manufacture and sell all kinds of merchandise via artists’ official merch shops.